1. Use cell addresses to locate cells

  • Rows, columns and cells

2a. Insert and format text, numbers and formulae in cells (cell operations)

2b. Insert and format text, numbers and formulae in cells (cell formatting)

  • Change the font style (bold/italics/underline)
  • Change the font type
  • Change the font size
  • Changing the text colour
  • Using superscripts
  • Changing alignment of cell contents
  • Centre a heading across columns
  • Changing cell contents to currency format
  • Changing the cell contents to a given number of decimal places
  • Format a spreadsheet with borders
  • Formatting selected parts of a cell
  • Widening columns
  • Adjusting the width of a number of columns to a set amount
  • Using text wrap with a cell

3. Select a range of cells

  • Selecting cells
  • Selecting a range of cells
  • Setting a print area

4. Use basic mathematical operations (+, -, *, /, ^) to construct simple formulae

  • Entering formulae with multiplication

5. Construct formulae using absolute and relative cell references

  • Entering formulae into cells using cell references
  • Using absolute references in a formula

6. Use basic functions (Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count)

  • Using the Auto sum button to perform an addition
  • Changing the Auto sum selection
  • Use the SUM function
  • Using the AVERAGE function
  • Use the MIN function
  • Use the MAX function
  • Using the INT( ) function
  • Using the RAND( ) function
  • Using the COUNT IF( ) function

7. Sort information according to desired criteria

  • Sorting a spreadsheet 1
  • Sorting a spreadsheet 2

8. Fill contents using commands (Fill down, Fill right)

9. Create appropriate charts based on spreadsheet data

  • Using the Chart Wizard to create a line graph
  • Using the Chart Wizard to create a pie chart
  • Using the Chart Wizard to create a scatter plot
  • Placing the chart on a new sheet
  • Placing a chart in the same sheet as the table
  • Adding a graph title
  • Adding labels to the axes
  • Adding data labels
  • Changing the graph type
  • Resizing a chart
  • Moving a chart
  • Change the series when drawing a chart

10. Set a print area of a spreadsheet

  • Setting a print area
11. Spreadsheet operations
  • Conducting a What - If analysis
  • Opening an existing spreadsheet
  • Saving a worksheet
  • Printing a spreadsheet with the gridlines
  • Adding a header