1. Scores

  • Selecting cells
  • Entering data into a cell
  • Editing data in a cell
  • Widening columns
  • Entering formulae into cells using cell references
  • Changing the contents of cells
  • Conducting a What - if analysis
  • Saving a workbook using the File menu
  • Printing a worksheet using the File menu

2. Running a Car

  • Deleting the contents of a cell
  • Using the Autosum buttom to perform an addition
  • Saving a workbook using the toolbar button
  • Printing a worksheet using the toolbar button

3. Shopping List

  • Changing the font type and font size using the Format menu
  • Change the font style (bold/italics/underline)
  • Change the font type
  • Change the font size
  • Changing alignment of cell contents
  • Changing the cell contents to currency format
  • Selecting a range of cells

4. Colours

  • Changing alignment using the toolbar buttons
  • Changing the autosum selection
  • Changing the text colour
  • Setting a print area
  • Sorting a spreadsheet using the Data menu

5. Money Box

  • Entering formulae with multiplication

6. Walkathon

7. Timestables

  • Centre a heading across columns
  • Using Autofill to copy cell contents
  • Adjusting the width of a number of columns to a set amount

8. Climate

  • Use the SUM function
  • Use the MAX function
  • Use the MIN function
  • Insert rows
  • Adding a header
  • Printing a spreadsheet with the gridlines

9. Search for a Star

  • Using text wrap with a cell
  • Using the AVERAGE function
  • Formatting selected parts of a cell

10. Climate

  • Opening an existing spreadsheet
  • Using the Chart Wizard to create a line graph
  • Adding labels to the axes
  • Placing the chart on a new sheet
11. Textbooks
  • Using absolute references in a formula
  • Using the chart wizard to create a pie chart
  • Placing a chart in the same sheet as the table
  • Moving a chart
  • Resizing a chart
  • Adding a graph title
  • Adding data labels
12. Running a car
  • Changing the colours used to draw the graph
  • Changing the graph type
13. Creating charts (graphs) with a spreadsheet
  • Change the series when drawing a chart
15. Coin Tossing Simulation
  • Using the RAND() function
  • Using the COUNTIF() function
  • Recalculating the values in a spreadsheet
  • Formatting to a given number of decimal places
16. Pythagorean Triads and Fermat's Last Theorem
  • Using superscripts
  • Using a formula that includes an exponential (power)
18. Graphing Straight Lines
  • Drawing a scatterplot
19. Graphing Straight Lines
  • Using the INT() function