Skills needed for this exercise

  1. Set up a spreadsheet to do the calculations for Lionel in Calculator Exercise 2. Open a new workbook in Excel and enter the following data.
  1. Adjust column widths so that all text can be read.
  2. Save your spreadsheet as Salaries 2.
  3. In cell C2 enter the formula =B2/52 to determine Lionel’s weekly pay. What does the “/” mean in the formula?

  4. Enter a similar formula in cell D2 to determine Lionel’s fortnightly pay. What formula did you use?

  5. Enter another formula in cell E2 to determine Lionel’s monthly pay. What formula did you use?

  6. Now enter some other employees’ names and salaries in cells A3:B5

  1. Enter formulae in the appropriate cells to determine Bob’s, Fiona’s and Michael’s weekly, fortnightly and monthly wages. How much did Fiona take home each week (to the nearest dollar)

  2. Format cells B2:E5 to currency using the toolbar currency button. How does this way of formatting a number to currency differ from typing the $ sign as was done in Spreadsheet Exercise 1?

  3. In cell B6, use the Autosum button ( S ) on the toolbar to determine the total yearly earnings of these four employees. What are the total yearly earnings?

  4. Select cells A1:E1 and make the headings bold and italics using the toolbar buttons.
  5. Select cells B2:E6 and change the alignment to centred by selecting Cells from the Format menu and choosing the Alignment tab. From the Horizontal drop down list choose Center.
  6. Add your name to cell A8.
  7. Save your spreadsheet using the toolbar button.
  8. Print your spreadsheet using the toolbar button and cut it out and paste it in the space provided on page 8 of your workbook.