1. Wages and Salaries

  • Entering data into a spreadsheet
  • Adjusting column widths
  • Saving a spreadsheet using the File menu
  • Entering a formula
  • Using the AVERAGE function
  • Formatting cells to Bold, Italics and Underlined styles using the Format menu
  • Printing a spreadsheet using the File menu

2. Wages and Salaries

3. Taxation

  • Changing the alignment using the toolbar buttons
  • Changing font type and size using the Format menu

4. Net Income

  • None

5. Wages and Salaries

  • Changing font size and type using the toolbar buttons
  • Formatting to underlined style using the toolbar button
  • Editing data within a cell

6. Wages and Salaries

  • Using Fill/Series
  • Using Fill/Down
  • Using the Autofill handle
  • Changing an Autosum selection
  • Adding a border
  • Selecting a non-continuous range of cells
  • Changing the page orientation

7. Commission

  • None

8. Bonuses

  • Entering a formula using the quick click on the cell reference method
  • Using an absolute reference in a formula
  • Centering a heading across columns
  • Sorting a spreadsheet using the Data menu
  • Adding a border using the Format menu
  • Conducting a What-if analysis

9. Overtime

  • Using Fill/Right
  • Using the chart wizard to draw a column graph
  • Moving and resizing a graph

10. Piecework

  • Changing text colour
  • Using the chart wizard to draw a pie graph
  • Using Print Preview to view what the spreadsheet will look like printed
  • Formatting cells to text wrap
  • Adjusting column widths for a range of columns to give the same width
  • Changing a reference to absolute using F4
  • Changing cell colour
  • Using multiple worksheets
  • Renaming a worksheet
  • Copying a worksheet
  • Sorting the spreadsheet using the toolbar button

11. Net Earnings and Budgeting

  • Adding a header to a page
  • Entering formulae without cell references
  • Adjusting row height
  • Vertically centering within a cell
  • Formatting negative currencies to red

12. Simple Interest

  • Adjusting row heights and column widths to a specific size
  • Using the IF function
  • Simultaneously adjusting row heights of non-continuous rows to the same height
  • Changing the number of decimal places using the increase decimal icon
  • Changing cells to percentage format
  • Using the Increase/Decrease decimal icon

13. Compound Interest

  • Changing the cell colour
  • Changing the text colour
  • Adding a coloured border

14. Compound Interest

  • Using "^" for powers in formulas



1. Commission

  • Copying and pasting cell contents using the copy button on the toolbar
  • Grouping worksheets
  • Editing multiple worksheets simultaneously
  • Copying and pasting between worksheets
  • Entering formulae involving references from several worksheets

2. Simple Interest

  • Opening a file
  • Using a nested IF function

3. Piecework

  • Printing a spreadsheet displaying the formulae

4. Taxation

  • Using the VLOOKUP function
  • Formatting to percentage style using the toolbar button



1. SG5 5.2.1 Polygons

  • Using the MOD function
  • Printing a spreadsheet with gridlines

2. NS 5.1.3 Probability

  • Using the INT function
  • Using the RAND function
  • Using Shift + Page Down to select cells
  • Using Ctrl + D to fill down
  • Using F9 to recalculate a spreadsheet
  • Selecting a print range
  • Using the COUNT IF function

3. MS 5.2.3 Coordinate Geometry

  • Using the Chart Wizard to draw scatter plots

4. DS 5.2.1 Statistics

  • Formatting to a given number of decimal places

5. DS 5.1.1 Data

  • Using the STDEVP function
  • Using the MEDIAN function
  • Using the MODE function
  • Using the QUARTILE function